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IP Load

IP Load is designed to send a large number of IP frames to an individual (or broadcast) address, using a specific TCP or UDP port, and allowing a user defined data packet. It is not intended to listen to any frames which may be sent in response. The maximum packets per second may also be specified, and the software will attempt to maintain this level of traffic, up to the maximum possible for the platform.

This software was developed with the IP developer / Network tester in mind, as a means to test and debug networks. Statistics are displayed in the main window indicating the current rate at which frames are being sent, along with the total number of frames sent and how long frames have been transmitted.

When TCP connections are used, the connection is opened after the setup window has been closed, the connection stays open until the setup window is again opened. In some situations, especially when the receiver experiences congestion, the data sent in the TCP frames may not be broken into the specified size of packets. The receivers TCP window size affects this. In these situations, the statistics may not be accurate.

Main IP Load Window
Main IP Load Window

Download IP Load v1.20 (16K zip file)

This software is provided as FREEWARE, and will run on any version of Windows. No install is necessary to run IP Load, just download, unzip and run.

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