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SNMP Manager

The purpose of the software is to provide a simple form of network monitoring. Idividual clients / workstations are represented as icons, the icon will show red if an attempt to ping the IP address fails. The icon will show green if the IP address responds to a ping or SNMP request. The polling frequency, timeout, and size of the ping can all be configured. Each client / workstation can also be pinged individually and report a round trip delay, and other IP addresses can also be pinged, even if they are not represented as icons. The icon displayed for each client / workstation can be configured dependant on the devices Object ID. Icons are chosen from exe or ico files currently on the computer. The text displayed below the icons can be any one of: the IP Address, the SNMP Object Name, or any preconfigured text string.

Tools can be configured to allow them to be launched from the icons (right mouse click) with the devices IP address e.g. Telnet x.x.x.x. Tools can also be configured to allow them to be launched from the tools menu. An IP discovery option is also provided, to help initial setup.

Main SNMP Manager Window
Main SNMP Manager Window

Basic system information may be obtained using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), some of these values may also be changed.

A separate message window may also be shown, indicating the status of the clients in the main window.

Message Window
Message Window

The options and icon positions can be saved to file and restored at a later date. A right mouse click on the icons will provide additional options, along with the standard menu and tool bar buttons.

SNMP Manager will run on Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

Download zip file for SNMP Manager v1.67 (52K)

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