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Time Server

RFC 868 time protocol is used mainly by UNIX systems, and some network devices, it uses port 37 over UDP or TCP. The BTT Software time server responds to both UDP and TCP requests on port 37. A list of recent requests is shown in the main window which can be used for debug / information purposes. Support has now been included for the System Tray. The server can also be run as a Windows 95 service using the .inf file provided.

Main Server Window
Main RFC868 Time Protocol Server Window

Note: RFC 868 provides time in GMT, it is up to the device requesting the time to convert it to local time, relative to GMT.

Download RFC868 Time Protocol Server v1.11 (20K zip file)
Download RFC868 (3k)

This software is provided as FREEWARE, and will run on Windows 95/98/NT. No install is necessary to run RFC868 Time Protocol Server, just download, unzip and run. To install the Server as a service under 95 or 98, select the Network icon in the Control Panel, and select Add->Service, and choose Have Disk, and enter the path of the timeserv.inf file. The server can also be run as a service under NT by using the Windows NT Resource Kit.

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